We will find methods to solve problems
that correspond to specific situations.

Business Security Consulting:

Security consulting is a form of intellectual activity with the main objective to analyse, validate development possibilities and use scientific, technological, organisational and economic innovations in the security system with due regard to client's tasks.

Verification of legal entities and natural persons:

The security consulting company "JR Security Consulting" has an invaluable experience in information and analysis allowing us to gather the most extensive information on legal entities and natural persons. Nowadays, much communication goes via the Internet with deals and negotiations being held there, and we do not always know who is behind a company and its management, especially if it is located in another country. We will provide you with information for you to draw the right conclusions about possible future cooperation.

Property and asset validation:

When purchasing real estate in the secondary market, you may face certain risks. There are basically two of them: the loss of money and the return of the purchased real estate. At JR Security Consulting, we will help you avoid the unpleasant situation related to paperwork and payment. We will check the purchased real estate, its seller, an agent that you or the seller trust to accompany the deal, and provide the appropriate advice.

Car check:

In terms of fraud, the car sale was and still is a field with the most crime rate. There are many ways of deceiving both the buyer and the seller. A person who wants to buy a car can be deceived into buying a bad product or even a stolen one. We can help you protect yourself from fraud. We'll check a car you have chosen for fines, hijacking, identification by VIN code, and a whole lot of other parameters. 

People search:

Extensive contacts and interactions with colleagues around the world give us the ability to help our customers in cases of the search for missing relatives, former colleagues, and classmates, and possibly even people once loved.


For our many years of experience, we have provided a lot of business and private consultations. We have come a long way side by side with our clients, and we can surely say that we will find a solution to your task!

Comprehensive Business Security:

It is a set of activities aimed at providing the company's managers with the information necessary to make fully-measured management decisions, both strategic and operational, i.e. it is actually the collection, processing and analysis of the information about the company's external and internal environment, competitors, suppliers, partners, employees, business processes, and market trends. All of this is done to minimise business risks and introduce the company to leading positions in the market. We provide quality services, full reliable up-to-date information, and a full range of security services - from consulting to practical implementation of integrated business security.