My competency:

- An expert adviser on security issues for a number of Latvian, Russian and European enterprises;

- A leading specialist in the field of private business and personal security;

- I work in the field of security since 1994;

- I have passed all the stages of security and detective business - from the head of the security department and the head of the security service of a large international company to the owner and founder of the business security consulting company and the person engaged in consulting services;

- I provide training and skill enhancement for heads of security, internal audit and control units.

Field of expertise:

- Implementation of projects in the field of economic, information and physical security of companies;

- management of the security services and units;

- anti-crisis diagnosis and consulting;

- planning and implementation of the access and internal security policy and control of compliance with the requirements of the organisation's regime;

- the involvement of commercial security structures for the protection of the company's sites and facilities on a contractual basis, competent assessment of their activities and control over the performance of contractual obligations;

- development and implementation of activities to ensure the handling of documents containing commercially sensitive information;

- planning of work to identify and close possible information leakage paths.